Arabella Figg: "I had gone out to buy cat food from the corner shop at the end of Wisteria Walk, around about nine o'clock, on the evening of the second of August, when I heard a disturbance down the alleyway between Magnolia Crescent and Wisteria Walk. On approaching the mouth of the alleyway I saw Dementors running —"
Amelia Bones: "Running? Dementors don't run, they glide."
Arabella Figg: "That's what I meant to say. Gliding along the alley towards what looked like two boys."
Arabella Figg presents her testimony during Harry Potter's disciplinary hearing

There was a corner shop at the end of Wisteria Walk, in Little Whinging, Surrey. According to her testimony before the Wizengamot, Arabella Figg had been buying cat food from this shop shortly before two Dementors attacked Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley, in the evening of 2 August, 1995.[1]


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