Corvus Lestrange was a French wizard and a member of the pure-blood Lestrange family. He was the son of Corvus Lestrange and Clarisse Tremblay. He died as an infant when the ship carrying him and his half-sister, Leta, to America sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Leta swapped Corvus with another child because she said she didn't want to hear him cry anymore.[2]


Before his birth Corvus' father had made an enemy out of Yusuf Kama, the son of Lestrange's first wife Laurena and older half-brother of Leta. Yusuf had taken a vow to kill the person Lestrange loved most as revenge for Laurena's death, which was Corvus. Corvus' father entrusted him and Leta to Irma Dugard, a half elf servant, to take them to America. Irma's weak magic would make them untraceable, but during the trip over the sea, the ship sank. Leta had, unaware of the commotion before it was too late, switched her half-brother with another baby who was travelling with his aunt. The aunt picked up Corvus from her cabin, not noticing the switch, and ended up in another boat than Leta, Irma and the nephew, which got turned over by a wave during a storm causing her to loose her grip on Corvus, so he would sink into the sea and drown. Leta never told anyone of the switch resulting in that the other child was given up for adoption in Corvus's place.


With Corvus' death Yusuf Kama's vow became void, but he was unaware of it until 1927.

Leta's Boggart

Leta confronting a Boggart taking on the image of Corvus drowning

As a result of Corvus' death, Leta's fear is him drowning, reflected by the form a Boggart would take when she confronted one. The guilt she felt over her role in his death would plague Leta for the rest of her life, leaving her with feelings of intense self-loathing that left her childhood an isolated and unhappy one, the one exception to that being her friendship with Newt Scamander.


"Corvus" is Latin for "raven", probably from the Greek κόραξ (korax, "raven"). Corvus is the family name of medium to large black birds including crows, ravens, jackdaws and the like. This is thus an allusion to the Dark nature of the Lestrange family, as such birds (particularly ravens) have often been harbingers of doom in folklore.[3]


Notes and references

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