The Country or Kind? debate was an infamous debate held in North America in 1777 to decide whether American witches and wizards should fight in the Revolutionary War.[1]


Many witches and wizards from all over America descended upon MACUSA to attend this great meeting. The Great Meeting Chamber had to be magically expanded to fit all those people. They discussed whether they should fight for the country where they lived or whether it simply wasn't their fight as it placed their wizarding world in danger should they be found using magic. They wondered if they had to help American No-Majs to fight for liberation or if it was not even their fight.[1]

Pro-interventionists argued that they might be able to save lives by fighting. Anti-interventionists argued they were risking their own security by revealing themselves in battle. The meeting was held by President Elizabeth McGilliguddy who decided to enquire whether the Ministry of Magic were going to fight when they did not find a consensus. The Ministry of Magic replied with a four-word message stating that they were ‘Sitting this one out.’ Elizabeth's reply was even shorter and stated 'Mind you do.’[1]

Ultimately, they did not fight in the war. However, they did try to secretly protect No-Maj neighbours and the wizarding community held their own celebration for Independence Day.[1]


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