Crabbe is the surname of a pure-blood[6] wizarding family. With the death of Vincent Crabbe during the Battle of Hogwarts,[7] the family may be extinct in the male line.

The Crabbes tend to have prejudices against Muggles and Muggle-borns, like the Blacks, to whom they are related.[8] During the First and Second Wizarding Wars, they were allied with Lord Voldemort.[9]

Family members

Notes and references

  1. Tonks, and in turn Teddy through her, are not pure-bloods and as a descendant of Irma Crabbe - who would be of a secondary line as the main line consists of Crabbe Snr and Vincent - are not all pure-blood.
  2. Through Irma's descendant Narcissa Malfoy, by marriage, and her son Draco, by blood.
  3. Through Irma's descendant Bellatrix Lestrange, by marriage.
  4. Through Irma's descendant Andromeda Tonks, by marriage, and her daughter Nymphadora, by blood.
  5. Through Irma's descendant Nymphadora Tonks, by marriage, and her son Ted, by blood.
  6. This is assumed based on the fact that Irma Crabbe married into the prejudiced House of Black, which would have disowned her husband had she not been Pure-blood as well.
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