"Irma? They want us to put on life jackets!"
—Credence Barebone's aunt minutes prior before her death[src]

This woman was an aunt of Credence Barebone.


This woman was caring for her nephew Aurelius Dumbledore. At some point during a ship voyage to America in 1901, the ship she and Aurelius went on sank during a storm. Unbeknownst to her, her nephew was switched in the crib with another baby by a young Leta Lestrange. The life boat she went on capsized, drowning her when she dives into the water trying to save Corvus whom she believed was her nephew.

Aurelius survived and ended up being raised by an unrelated woman in New York, who renamed him Credence Barebone.

Physical description

The aunt of Credence Barebone was described being a dark-haired young woman. She wears a nightdress and life jacket minutes prior before her death.[1]

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