This was an enchanted casket featured in The Warlock's Hairy Heart, a tale by Beedle the Bard. It was made of a valuable material (as the name suggested, crystal), and was where the Warlock stowed his hairy heart.[1]


The warlock, believing that love is a weakness, resolved to never fall in love by using Dark Arts to remove his heart and placing it into the crystal casket. When his parents passed away and he inherited their castle, the warlock transferred the casket to the deepest dungeons within.[1]

The content of the casket, the warlock's hairy heart.

Later, when trying to seduce the maiden for marriage, simply to have a trophy wife whom he has no affection for, he showed her the heart within the casket when she confronted him about only believing the sweet words he was using if he had a heart. The heart, having been parted from the warlock for so long, grew hairy and shrivelled, a sign of his humanity lost. Horrified, she asked him to put the heart back into his body, which led him to succumb to bestial impulses and kill the maiden when he fulfilled her wish. His heart refused to be placed back into this casket after being reunited with his body, and the warlock, turning mad, killed himself in a failed attempt to replace his heart with the maiden's.[1]


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