"Thank you for the pineapple, by the're quite right, it is my favourite! -"
Horace Slughorn to Tom Riddle[src]

Crystallised Pineapple[1] was a sweet sold at Honeydukes Sweetshop. It was sold as small pieces of pineapple cooked in sugar syrup and encrusted with sugar crystals. It was a well known favourite of Horace Slughorn; Tom Riddle may have bought this sweet to sway Slughorn into giving him information he needed on Horcruxes.

Bolandi manufactures their own brand of crystallised pineapple.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Crystallised pineapple is also a sweet found in the real world.
  • Since pineapples are very perishable, and modes of transportation to bring them stateside from the Caribbean Islands were relatively slow centuries ago, fresh pineapples were a rarity that became coveted by the early American colonists. While glazed, sugar-coated pineapples were a luxurious treat, it was the fresh pineapple itself that became the sought after true symbol of prestige and social class. In fact, the pineapple, because of its rarity and expense, was such a status item in those times that all a party hostess had to do was to display the fruit as part of a decorative centrepiece, and she would be awarded more than just a modicum of social awe and recognition.


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