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Bill Weasley, a Curse-Breaker

"Are you seeking a challenging career involving travel, adventure, and substantial, danger-related treasure bonuses? Then consider a position with Gringotts Wizarding Bank, who are currently recruiting Curse-Breakers for thrilling opportunities abroad."
— Pamphlet on Gringotts jobs available to Hogwarts students[src]

A Curse-Breaker was an occupational title used by witches and wizards who removed, countered or broke curses placed on objects or places for a living.[1]


Ministry officials tasked with the removal of unfriendly spells from illegally bewitched objects notwithstanding, the term "Curse-Breaker" was commonly used in reference to a group of adventurous bankers in the employment of Gringotts Wizarding Bank at Diagon Alley in London, England. Operating as something akin to treasure-hunting archaeologists, Gringotts's Curse-Breakers were tasked with travelling the world in search of old treasure troves from which the bank might make a profit, and specialised in the removal of magical security measures placed upon such areas.

Not a very formal affair, Curse-Breakers did not have any form of formal uniform, seen as how the goblins running generally cared little about what they look like in terms of appearance or dress, as long as they bring much treasure back to the bank. it was, however, nevertheless widely considered to be a very serious profession due to the amount of danger involved, as in addition to the risk they all ran of being killed as a result of an old curse left to protect their objectives, they would also encounter and have to deal with a great many dark or otherwise dangerous creatures, artefacts. and even rivals on their travels; Dark Wizards among them.[2]


In order to qualify, an O.W.L. in Arithmancy was required, as some banking and transaction would be done.[3] Presumably, N.E.W.T.s in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration, and Charms would be necessary, given the dangerous aspects of the job, as well as one in Ancient Runes, however, this is unknown for certain.

Based on the Gringotts' recruitment pamphlet, the career is meant for witches and wizards so adventurous they think that the perks of the job outweigh the risks involved. There was no official training programme proscribed for prospective applicants once they were hired by the bank; with the only training they got being on the job.[4] Consequently, professional Curse-Breakers have their own methods and ways of doing things, based on their experiences. He also noted that Curse-Breakers often had both physical and emotional challenges to contend with during their assignments.[5]

Known Curse-Breakers


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