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"Legend has it that Dai Ryusaki created a mind-enhancing potion that was super powerful... The potion was deemed dangerous, so Ryusaki was arrested and the potion destroyed! Rumour has it that, before he arrested, Ryusaki was able to hide a Dark Scroll with the potion ingredients. To this day, though, no one knows if the Dark Scroll actually exists... or what its contents may be!"
Corey Hayden regarding the "Legend of Dai Ryusaki and the Dark Scroll"[src]

Dai Ryusaki was a Japanese wizard that lived hundreds of years prior to the 20th century, and who was known to have held a teaching post at Mahoutokoro. At some point in his life, he became a Dark Wizard. Ryusaki's life was briefly covered in a book on the history of Mahoutokoro found in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library.[1]


Dai Ryusaki was a professor at Mahoutokoro centuries ago.[1] At some point, he violated the Japanese wizard's code by indulging in "forbidden practises",[2] becoming a Dark Wizard.[1]

Legend had it that Dai Ryusaki created a mind-enhancing potion that highly powerful, but the potion was deemed dangerous and destroyed, with Ryusaki arrested. Rumour had it, was that before he was arrested, he was able to hide a Dark Scroll with the potion ingredients. Nobody after his death however knew if the scroll really existed, or what its contents could have been.[3]

He created a powerful weapon, but was stopped before it could be used. It is unknown what the weapon did or was created for, and the information died with his death.[1]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Dark Arts: Ryusaki was said to be a Dark Wizard, meaning he would have been proficient with Dark Magic. His weapon that he created was presumably of a dark nature.[1]
  • Potions: Legend had it that Ryusaki invented an incredibly powerful mind-enhancing potion that was destroyed due to it being dangerous.[3]



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