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Daniel Page: "I'll always be your friend, but you can't ask me not to change, especially now that I know who I am."
Ivy Warrington: "We make our own choices in life, Daniel."
Daniel Page: "This is my choice, Ivy. The world is a hard place, I won't let it beat me."
— Daniel Page's determination[src]

Daniel Page was a British or Irish half-blood[3] wizard who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008.[5][1]


Early life[]

The Bloody Pages

A Muggle newspaper reporting the arrest of Daniel's family

Daniel was born and raised somewhere in the British Isles between 1996 and 1997.[1] He was the third child and youngest son of a Muggle father and a witch named Kaleena, and was raised alongside his older brother Reggie and sister Esme. The only one of the three kids to possess magical ability, Daniel nevertheless attended a Muggle primary school prior to receiving his letter of acceptance from Hogwarts.[citation needed]

Once when Esme was angered by her father giving her a teddy bear for Christmas when she was already seventeen, she took Daniel to go skating, which made them extremely happy.[7]

Daniel Page and his mother

Daniel Page visiting his mother in prison

While apparently loving, Daniel's childhood were still marred by controversy from an early age, marked by the illicit activities of their father and, in due time, also Reggie, who was a Squib. At some point, they were eventually cornered by the Muggle police and arrested. Daniel's mother was also apprehended when she apparently used magic to help, and was sentenced to Azkaban due to violation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. The family's arrest was covered by a Muggle newspaper, dubbing them "The Bloody Pages", after which Daniel, who was now left in the care of his older sister, found school to be anything but fun. He was occasionally allowed to visit his mother in prison and her arrest apparently left him with a deep feeling of resentment towards the Ministry for how they had sentenced his mother, despite there never being any evidence to cement their claim of Kaleena's allegiance to NOTME.[5]

Daniel never flew on a broomstick until he went to Hogwarts.[8]

Hogwarts years (2008–)[]

First year[]

Sorting Ceremony[]

On 1 September 2008, Daniel sat on his own on the Hogwarts Express. When a fellow first year student asked if they could sit next to him, he told them they didn't want to sit there and that nobody would sit next to him.[9]

Daniel Page being Sorted MA

Daniel Page being sorted.

Daniel finally arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he was eleven. He did so with a sigh of relief, as few witches and wizards read Muggle newspapers and hence, nobody knew him, taking off a lot of the pressure he had been under after all that happened. On 1 September 2008, he travelled to the school via the Hogwarts Express and attended the Sorting Ceremony, being sorted into the same house as Lottie Turner, Ivy Warrington and an unidentified student.[5]

One day, Daniel ran into the student in the Grand Staircase running away from Argus Filch. He told them Filch was also after him for supposedly stealing potion ingredients in the Potions Storeroom which he denied responsibility for. The nearby portrait of William de Cognac called it delightful drama and advised them to stay cool so that the problems will be solved. When the student asked for suggestions, he told them about a great duel he heard about. After the story, Daniel told the student that he thought Quidditch sounded good but he preferred studying Potions. They showed an interested in flying to which he told them to talk to Robyn Thistlethwaite, who was recruiting "flying buddies" in the Great Hall.[10]

Helping Ivy[]

One evening, he was invited to attend a search party meeting in the Hogwarts Library to help find Ivy. Daniel was reading books which Robyn thought was mad, but he told her if studying at school was mad, then he supposed he was. He didn't want to help search for her during the night in case they were caught and stayed behind when they left. However, he later changed his mind because he was worried his friends would lose house points. He found them in the Grand Staircase where he helped to search the Potions classroom. Robyn disappeared after they fended off copies of The Monster Book of Monsters.[11]

he student and Daniel carried on searching for Ivy. At one point, they walked past the Troll Tapestry he thought was unique. He wanted the student to give up the search for the night but on their way back, they accidentally found the Room of Requirement. When they entered it, they found a confused Ivy who had no idea how she ended up there. After hearing her story that the only thing she remembered was she was searching for "something" and suspected someone was following her, he told her they could investigate later but should get back to the common room before they get caught after curfew.[11]

Second year[]

Uncovering a mystery[]

A Christmas present[]

Third year[]

Trip to Azkaban[]

Attack at Hogsmeade[]

Meeting Victor Gridley[]

Family matters exposed[]

Skirmish in the caravan[]

Forced to find the crown of courage[]

Problems in Hogsmeade[]

Daniel returned home for the Christmas holidays and spent it with his sister, Esme and her boyfriend, Griffith. She decided to spend New Year's Eve with Griffith but invited Daniel to celebrate with them. He didn't want to feel like a third wheel and decided to get an early train back to Hogwarts. He told his friend about it and they invited him to spend the day with them in Hogsmeade. He eventually agreed but wasn't impressed when they also invited Colby and Fischer Frey. They spent the day in the village, visiting the Three Broomsticks and Zonko's before watching a firework display. He admitted the day was better than he had thought it would be.[12]

Personality and traits[]

Upon arriving at school, Daniel came off as a solitary, studious young wizard that often preferred focusing on his academics over interacting with other people. When he befriended, among others, Robyn Thistlethwaite and Ivy Warrington, he became significantly more open and sociable. He preferred mixing potions to making new friends.[9]

He also kept well-informed on the goings-on in the wizarding community, to the point that he was very familiar with the notorious group known as NOTME. Following his mother's imprisonment after her violation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, he grew to view it as a "stupid law".

He expressed the belief that while they should not necessarily go around flaunting their abilities to the masses, he nevertheless believed that keeping magic from the Muggle world entirely as a selfish thing to do. He was apparently blind to the extent to which permitting magic around non-wizards could be exploited for nefarious purposes.[5] As such, he was known to dislike the British Ministry of Magic.[2] The source of this belief and resentment was apparently his mother being imprisoned under the accusation of being associated with NOTME despite there being no concrete evidence of this other than Kaleena performing magic in front of Muggles to save Daniel's father and brother. Daniel's clearly disliked that despite his mother having no wish to hurt the Muggles arresting her family, she was still accused of being a criminal and sentenced to Azkaban.

Daniel aspires to be a strong, powerful wizard in hopes to bring his family together one day.[6] When talking about his future plans, Daniel express a desire to own an apothecary after graduating and put his potions skills to use.[13]

Magical abilities and skills[]


Behind the scenes[]


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