Dark Detectors are objects that can be used to detect lying, concealment, or even when Dark Wizards or one's enemies are around. However, they should not be relied on too much, as they can be fooled.

Known Dark Detectors


Alastor Moody

Alastor Moody seemed to own quite a few of these. This is probably because of his overly cautious, and perhaps paranoid, nature. They were used by Barty Crouch Jr when he was impersonating Moody.

Dumbledore's Army

When Dumbledore's Army was formed in 1995, there were various Dark Detectors in the Room of Requirement when it served as the D.A.'s Headquarters.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter owned two sneakoscopes throughout his Hogwart's years. The first one he got from Ron in 1993 for his Birthday. In 1997 Hermione gave him a new one for his Birthday, as his old one was cracked and worn out.