"Mayor David Yates described London as left "scared, confused and desperate for answers", pledging to uncover the reason for these attacks, find those responsible and prevent any possible repeat."
Jamie Wolpert, "Bridge disaster hits London" in The Guardian (July, 1996)[src]

David Yates was a Muggle British politician who, in the mid-1990s, held the office of Mayor of the City of London.


Millennium Bridge disaster

"The police are continuing with the investigation into the cause of the Millennium Bridge disaster. River traffic has been halted as police search for survivors. The surrounding area remains closed. The Mayor has urged Londoners to remain calm..."
—A Muggle radio broadcast[src]

After the collapse of the Millennium Bridge at the hands of Fenrir Greyback and a group of Death Eaters, the Mayor urged Londoners to remain calm, for this was a most unusual event.[1] He also addressed The Guardian, where he described Londoners as having been left "scared, confused and desperate for answers" and pledging to uncover the truth behind the disaster (widely speculated among Muggles to have been caused by a fundamentalist political group).[2]

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