Delacour is the surname of a French wizarding family. Recent generations of Delacours have Veela heritage, as Monsieur Delacour married half-Veela witch Apolline Delacour. They are related to the pure-blood Weasley family of wizarding Britain.

Family members

Wizard(s) Notes
Apolline Delacour the daughter of a wizard and a Veela; married Monsieur Delacour and had two daughters, Fleur and Gabrielle
Monsieur Delacour a French wizard married to Apolline, father of Fleur and Gabrielle
Fleur Delacour a quarter-Veela witch, Triwizard Champion for Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in 1994-1995, and wife of Bill Weasley, with whom she had three children, Victoire, Dominique and Louis Weasley.
Gabrielle Delacour a quarter-Veela witch, younger sister of Fleur

Family Tree

Delacour family
Weasley family
Monsieur Delacour
Apolline Delacour
Arthur Weasley
Molly Weasley
Gabrielle Delacour
(b. c.1985/1986)
Fleur Delacour
(b. c. 1976/1977)
William Weasley
(b. 1970)
5 sons 1 daughter
(see Weasley family tree)
Victoire Weasley
Dominique Weasley
Louis Weasley


In French, de la cour means "of the court".

Behind the scenes

  • The Delacour family name was "first found" in Britanny implying the family may have originated there.[1]

Notes and references

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