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Demetrius[3] J. Prod[2] (d. 27 November, 1998)[1] was a English wizard who lived in Didsbury, England in late 1992. He died on 27 November, 1998[1] after an argument with his wife, Elsie, over the washing-up. His obituary in the Daily Prophet mentioned that he died "noisily".


Little is known of Demetrius' early life; he was trained (albeit not well) in the magical arts and could perform weak enchantments. Sometime in his life, he met Elsie; the two would later marry, although they did not get along very well.

Sometime prior to January 1992, Demetrius wrote to Kwikspell Company, and a month thereafter managed to turn Elsie into a yak; he wrote an advertisement for the Kwikspell Company, proud of this feat. Harry Potter and Argus Filch would later read about this.[2]

On the eve of 27 November, 1998 after supper, Demetrius and Elsie got into an argument over the washing-up. He died that night, described by the Daily Prophet to have been "noisily".

Magical abilities and skills


Elsie Prod

Demetrius and his wife didn't seem to get along too well; she sneered at his feeble charms, and he once turned her into a yak. They frequently argued, and it was during one argument over the washing-up that Demetrius met his death.[2]


The name "Demetrius" is the Latinised form of the Greek name Δημήτριος (Demetrios), which was derived from the name of the Greek goddess Demeter. Kings of Macedon and the Seleucid kingdom have had this name. This was also the name of several early saints, including a Saint Demetrius who was martyred in the 4th century.

Behind the scenes

  • Demetrius Prod was portrayed by Chris Wilson in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; he appears in a Daily Prophet photograph.[4][5]
    • Wilson's role on the original clothing tag from Warner Brothers costume department was "Yak Man";[6] as it was mentioned in the Call Sheet and all paperwork, it led Wilson to initially believe that "Yak Man" was the name of his character when he did a photo shoot at Warner Brothers Studios. Wilson was later told the character was in fact Demetrius Prod.
  • In the books, he is known as D.J. Prod;[2] he is first identified as "Demetrius J. Prod" in the Daily Prophet Newsletters.
  • In the Danish translation of the book his name is not abbreviated, and it is changed to Pyllerman Pjok.


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