Friend: "What is that?"
Tulip Karasu: "A toad. His name is Dennis."
Jacob's sibling: "I know what a toad is. What's the thing strapped to its back?"
— Jacob's sibling encountering Dennis and Tulip[src]

Dennis was a toad and the pet of Tulip Karasu.[2]


During the 1986–1987 school year, Dennis was present when Jacob's sibling arrived to the Transfiguration Classroom with a friend, trying to talk to Tulip Karasu for the first time. Tulip claimed to be busy, and told the newcomers to instead talk to Dennis, who had a Dungbomb strapped on its back. This prompted them to work on defusing the Dungbomb on Dennis before Tulip was ready to talk.[2]

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Notes and references

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