Diego Caplan (born c.1972/1973) was a British wizard who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 and was sorted into Hufflepuff.[4]


Hogwarts years (1984-1991)

During his Hogwarts years, he became known as the best duellist at Hogwarts. He trained Merula Snyde due to her constant failures to defeat Jacob's sibling in a duel.[5]

In his fifth year, he helped Jacob's sibling prepare for a duel against their Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Patricia Rakepick.[5]

In his sixth year, he was in the Clock Tower Courtyard when Jacob's sibling met Cedric Diggory for the first time. Unlike the other student there, Diego was not impressed by Cedric, and instead jealous of the younger Hufflepuff for being the most popular student at the school. Diego joined Jacob's sibling in looking for Sickleworth while their other friends were busy spending time with Cedric. The two went to look for Sickleworth in the Care of Magical Creatures class, where Ismelda Murk and Beatrice Haywood were tossing Puffskeins. The two failed to find the Niffler, but managed to find a trail. Instead of following the trail with Jacob's sibling, Diego left in order to practise his spellwork to make sure he was still better at duelling than Cedric.[6] Later that year, he became a founding member of the Circle of Khanna, a group devoted to avenging Rowan Khanna and locating the final cursed vault. It was at the groups first meeting in the Hog's Head Inn that he learned of the malevolent organisation "R" and it's motives to locate the final Cursed Vault before them.[7]

Personality and traits

Being a member of Hufflepuff house, Diego was a very friendly, helpful and reasonable individual. He successfully and gladly taught both Merula Snyde and Jacob's sibling how to duel, showing he was happy to go out of his way and help others to show them his skills and knowledge. This also showed him to have been fair and impartial, considering how both individuals he taught were bitter rivals, meaning he was not one to dabble in such petty quarrelling but that he was simply interested in befriending people.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Duelling: Diego was an excellent duellist and thus was considered to the best duellist at Hogwarts during his time there. He was able to teach his duelling talents and skills to Jacob's sibling, in order to prepare for duelling lessons, showing him to have had considerable proficiency in martial magic.
  • Charms: Diego was talented with charm-work, being able to successfully cast numerous charms such as the Exploding Charm, Disarming Charm, Shield Charm and the healing charm Episkey.


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