"To this day, a Muggle bearing the nickname "Dodgy Dirk" holds forth in bars along the south coast on the subject of a "dirty great flying lizard" that punctured his lilo."
Blenheim Stalk, Muggles Who Notice[src]

"Dodgy" Dirk (fl. 19321972) was an English Muggle who lived in Ilfracombe, notable for eluding the mass Memory Charms after witnessing the Ilfracombe Incident of 1932.[1]


In 1932, a Common Welsh Green dragon descended upon a crowded beach in Ilfracombe, attacking a group of sunbathers, among which was Dirk, who had his lilo pierced by the beast. By sheer chance, the wizarding Toke family was on the beach during the attack, and managed to protect the beach-goers, and proceeding to perform a multitude of Memory Charms in order to make the non-magical folk forget about the attack. However, Dirk somehow managed to evade the Memory Charms, and went on for at least forty years afterwards frequenting bars along the south coast of England, talking about the day a "dirty great flying lizard" poked a hole in his lilo, and gaining the nickname "Dodgy" Dirk. Blenheim Stalk mentioned this in his 1972 book Muggles Who Notice.[1]


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