This disused bathroom is located on the seventh floor of Hogwarts Castle and accessible through a portrait in the reading room, as well as a door on the other side of the castle. It was unused prior to 1993, by which time Fred and George Weasley had taken up residence there and set up their own shop for Gryffindor students.[1]


Early history

The bathroom was likely created with the rest of the school by Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw in Medieval times on the seventh floor. However, the bathroom fell into disuse and was no longer used. A crawlspace in one of the walls linked this bathroom to the Gryffindor Tower reading room. At some point, a portrait of Valeria Myriadd was installed on the Gryffindor Tower side to cover the crawlspace into the bathroom and the proper entrance was locked. The password through the portrait was "Pig Snout".[2]

Fred and George's Shop

In 1993, Fred and George Weasley moved in the shop from a disused sixth floor bathroom. They placed a number of objects on trunks and shelves around the sinks and cast some sort of spell that caused only the objects that the buyer would like to purchase appear. They also used a secret passageway through a wall in the backroom to hide the Marauder's Map. They eventually told Harry Potter and Ron Weasley where it was and allowed them to keep the map.[1]

Sold items


Notes and references

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