Mr Umbridge was a Squib, son of wizard Orford Umbridge and Muggle Ellen Cracknell.[2]


Umbridge was born in 1973 or earlier to the wizard Orford Umbridge and Muggle Ellen Cracknell, and had an older sister named Dolores. His status as a Squib would often lead his father and sister to blame his mother for being the cause of it, which led the family to be fraught with tensions. When Dolores was fifteen years old, his parents separated and he would return to the Muggle world with his mother, while his sister would stay with his father in the wizarding world and would never speak of him again.[2]


Notes and references

  1. Dolores Umbridge's Pottermore biography implies that she was born no later than 1965. The fact that the family was still united when this individual showed signs of being a Squib implies that he was still with his sister at age seven. As the family split up when Dolores was fifteen, her brother cannot be more than eight years younger than her. See discussion on talk page.
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