A donkey is a domesticated mammal related to the horse that is used as a beast of burden by humans.[1] Cross-breeding a male donkey with a female horse produces a hybrid animal known as a mule.[2]


In the wizarding fairytale "The Wizard and the Hopping Pot", an old man goes to a local wizard looking for help recovering his missing donkey, which he needs to transport his wares to market so he could support his family.[3] The wizard rudely refuses him at first.[3] However, after learning the value of kindness, the wizard relents, and uses a Summoning Charm to retrieve the donkey from a far-off briar patch and return it safely to its stable.[3]

In the late 15th century, the Earl of Paunchley slammed into the Shield Charm cast by Hannah Cockleford to protect the young boy he had cruelly challenged to a jousting match that he was knocked off his horse. Though he survived, the Earl suffered brain damage, and for the rest of his life believed he was a donkey named Hairy Cyril.[4]

In 1992, while scolding Firenze for helping Harry Potter, Bane objected that it was not the business of centaurs to "run around like donkeys after stray humans in our forest."[5]

During Sybill Trelawney's first third-year Divination lesson in 1993, Seamus Finnigan opined that the shape in Harry's teacup, which Trelawney insisted was a Grim, looked more like a donkey when viewed from a certain angle.[6]


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