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"A personal sojourn with noted Auror and decorated duellist Dorian Fungbury, increasing the amount of damage you can inflict against your Foes in combat."
— Description[src]

Dorian Fungbury was a British wizard employed by the Ministry of Magic in London; he was an accomplished Auror and a decorated duellist.[1]


In the 2010s, Dorian Fungbury offered an informative stay over for an Auror member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force; learning from their host, they benefited from it when out in the field.[1]

In July 2020, Hermione Granger asked Dorian to do some digging into illegal beast trading. Since the Calamity, the Ministry pulled recource away from combating the black market. He reached out to some underworld contacts and found that the black market - particularly the illegal Magical Creature market in Indonesia - has utterly exploded.[2]


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