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Harry Potter: "Hermione, do you think you can do it?"
Hermione Granger: "*Crawls under door and opens book* Got it! The Draconifors spellbook!"
Hermione Granger taking the book from Professor Binns's room[src]

The Draconifors spellbook was a book containing information and instructions on the Draconifors Transfiguration spell.[1]


One copy was owned by Cuthbert Binns, and he kept it, like his other books, in Classroom 4F, where he taught History of Magic, though in a locked side-room. It was apparently protected using magic as well as a metal door because after the book was removed, a heavy tapestry appeared across the exit. Hermione Granger sneaked into the room one night and quickly studied the book, learnt the spell, and used it on a dragon statue to burn the tapestry and leave.[1]


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