"Dragon claw does work! It’s supposed to be incredible, really gives your brain a boost, you come over all cunning for a few hours —"
Ron Weasley[src]

Dragon claws were the claws of dragons, and, when powdered down and eaten, gave the consumer a 'brain boost', which left the consumer cunning 'for hours'.[2]


Powdered dragon claw

For their brain boosting properties, they could be used as an ingredient in Potion-making, such as in the dubious Baruffio's Brain Elixir.[1] It was also used in Tolipan Blemish Blitzer.[3] Furthermore, dragon claws produce an ooze with magical properties and can also be used as a potion ingredient itself.[4]


During the Hogwarts O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s examinations in 1996, powdered dragon claw was being sold amongst the fifth and seventh years in order to improve their exam results. It was offered to Hermione Granger by Harold Dingle, however, she confiscated it. This was later discovered to be dried Doxy droppings.[2]


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