"The liver from these magical, fire-breathing beasts can be used in potions."
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A Dragon liver was the liver taken from a dragon. They cost sixteen Sickles an ounce,[4] and were used as potion-ingredients, particularly in the brewing of Doxycide[3] and the Healing Potion.[2]


In late 1994 at Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid had fourth year students in Care of Magical Creatures feed Blast-Ended Skrewts dragon livers.[5]


Behind the scenes

  • Originally, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone read that the price of dragon liver was seventeen Sickles, but this was changed in subsequent editions because seventeen Sickles is equal to one Galleon, so it would be like one was saying "one hundred pence" or "one hundred cents."[6]
  • In Pottermore, dragon liver instead cost 3 Galleons. However, it is possible that the jar you buy contains more than a single ounce of liver.


Notes and references

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