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Ron Weasley: "Hermione couldn't believe I could pass a Muggle driving test, did you? She thought I'd have to confund the examiner."
Hermione Granger: "No, I didn't. I had complete faith in you."
Ron Weasley: "As a matter of fact, I did Confund him..."
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger discuss Ron's dexterity at driving[src]

This individual was a driving instructor and examiner with the British Ministry of Transport by 2017 and examined driving test candidate Ron Weasley the same year. The examiner awarded Ron with a driving licence subsequent to his examination, but only after he had been confunded by his candidate, a wizard. Had the examiner not had this charm performed upon him, Ron would not have been awarded his licence, as he failed to look in the wing mirror during the examination. Ron explained, however, that he did not consider this mistake important, as a Supersensory Charm could be used for the very same purpose as the mirror. Ron did not confide his use of the charm during the test to his wife, Hermione Granger.


Ron's use of the Confundus Charm on his driving instructor might constitute a breach of the International Statute of Secrecy. It is unknown if there were any repercussions from this.


Notes and references

  1. The examiner must have been at least 21 in 2017, when he examined Ron Weasley during his driving test.