The Ducklifors Jinx (Ducklifors) was a transfiguration jinx that transformed an organism into a duck. Fourth years and above were able to cast the spell, meaning it was likely taught in fourth year Transfiguration class.[1]

Casting and effects

The caster would slash their wand downward to point at the target; a banana-yellow jet of light would shoot from the tip, with what appeared to be a duck made entirely of brilliant yellow light soaring in front. When it hit the target, there was a burst of yellow light and when said light faded, the target was in the shape of a duck.[1]


From the English noun "duck", with the -fors suffix attached.

Behind the scenes

The spell is included in the "5 Spell Pack" DLC for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.[2]


Notes and references

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