Duel in ministry

Albus Dumbledore duelling Lord Voldemort in a full-on wizard’s duel

"I'd take you on any time on my own. Tonight, if you want. Wizard's duel. Wands only — no contact."
Draco Malfoy issuing a challenge to Harry Potter for a formal duel[src]

A Wizard's duel is a formal practise in wizarding culture in which two or more wizards or witches engage in combat under the condition that only magical means can be used. The combatants face each other and bow, as a sign of respect, before they place themselves in an accepted combative position and, at the count of three, attempt to disarm, stun, injure, defeat, or kill each other in order to force submission, and thus a winner is decided.

Duelling also exists as a sport in the same way that fencing is a sport in the Muggle world. Outside of actual combat it can be turned into a friendly sporting competition.


"The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead centre of the circle they had been treading, marked the point where the spells collided. "
—Harry Potter's and Voldemort's infamous final duel[src]
B2C11M2 Great Hall Duelling Club

The first and last meeting of the Duelling Club at Hogwarts

Albus Dumbledore allowed then Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, Gilderoy Lockhart to start a Duelling Club at Hogwarts during the 1992-1993 school year, perhaps in part because he saw dark times coming in the wizarding world and therefore the need for training students in the art of battle. Professor Lockhart taught the formalities of duelling: bowing, holding the wand in a certain way, and flourishing the wand in the attack.[1] Harry found himself, two years later, facing Voldemort in a desperate duel to the death. Voldemort used the Imperius Curse to force Harry to bow and obey the other niceties of duelling. Harry, who had learned to resist the Imperius Curse, used the moment to duck for cover, although he later successfully defeated Voldemort using the one spell he learned from Snape during Duelling Club — the Disarming Charm.[2]

The following year, Harry began teaching duelling techniques as part of his Defence Against the Dark Arts student organisation, Dumbledore's Army. He started off easily with practising the Disarming Charm and told the group, especially a disbelieving Zacharias Smith, that that charm actually saved his life during his first duel with Lord Voldemort.[3] Harry was so successful and instructive as a teacher that some of the students he had taught fought well against experienced Death Eaters in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.[4][5] Some of them used those same duelling skills against Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle aboard the Hogwarts Express on the way home from Hogwarts, when they tried to assault Harry, resulting in his friends hexing them into looking like bloated slugs.[6]

Members of Dumbledore’s Army proved themselves to be valiant duellists, in the subsequent battles of the Second Wizarding War: the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, Battle of the Seven Potters, and the climactic Battle of Hogwarts, where many of them even managed to hold their own against seasoned Death Eaters, such as Bellatrix Lestrange.

Professor Filius Flitwick was rumoured to be a champion duellist. It is unknown if this is true and if it is, whether he is a champion of some particular competition.

The term “Warlock” originally referred to a Wizard who was trained in duelling and martial magic, as well as to those who had performed feats of bravery.[7]

During the fall of 1995, the Ministry was trying to get other countries to sign an International Ban on Duelling. Percy Weasley in particular was working to get the Transylvanians on board.[8] It is uncertain if this type of duelling is the same as the sport variety or if it refers to the more lethal “pistols at dawn” variety of duel.

Tumblr lxxm4exxI91qeb3sro8 250

A spectacular duel in the Ministry Atrium

A full-on wizard’s duel is something incredible to behold. The duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald in 1945 is legendary[9], and the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort in the Ministry Atrium at the climax of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries was equally spectacular.[10]

Many duels involve non-verbal spells for speed, but saying the incantations aloud seems to be preferred if there is time (e.g. Voldemort used verbal spells in his duels with Harry). The Shield Charm is one of the most common duelling spells.[11] Other spells typically used in duelling include Stunning Spells, the Impediment Jinx, the Full Body-Bind Curse, and the Dancing Feet Spell. Harry’s use of the Disarming Charm in duelling may be considered somewhat unusual in more serious and life-threatening situations, but this spell is actually one of the key spells to any duelist’s arsenal.[12]

Aspen wands are favoured by those who aspire to be top duelers. In fact, a secretive 18th century duelling club called itself the Silver Spears because they exclusively used aspen wands. Other good wands for duelling include red oak and rowan. Yew wands are feared in duels for their association with curses and evil magic.[13]

Winners of Duelling competitions include: Alberta Toothill: Winner of the All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition of 1430. Famously overcame the favorite, Samson Wiblin, with a Blasting Charm.[14] Elizabeth Smudgling, who won the title of Supreme Dueller in a famous Dartmoor contest in 1379 using a spell of her own invention, the Disarming Charm.[15]


"You have been taught how to duel Harry Potter? We bow to each other, Harry. Come, the niceties must be observed... Dumbledore would like you to show manners..."
Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter in the graveyard of Little Hangleton[src]
Duel harry draco

The beginning stage of a formal duel, after the challenge has been accepted

There are rules and customs that define how a proper duel is performed and that are normally known to wizards and witches born to magical families, even at a young age. For instance, Ron Weasley told Harry Potter some of the rules of duelling as a first year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after Harry was challenged to a duel by Draco Malfoy in 1991. In the 1992–1993 school year Gilderoy Lockhart formed the duelling club, in which duelling strips were used in a system similar to that of modern fencing.

The challenge

In a formal duel, one wizard or witch challenges another, although it is implied that duels are not commonplace in modern polite society. If the other person accepts, they then arrange a meeting time and place for the duel. Draco challenged Harry this way in their first year, though it was really an attempt to get Harry into trouble for being out of his dormitories after curfew.[16] Opponents bow to one another before beginning to fight, as Lord Voldemort reminded Harry Potter before their duel in the graveyard of Little Hangleton in 1995. Lockhart has gone as far as twirling his hands while bowing, possibly trying to make himself look more gentlemanly. However, duellists who do not respect their opponents do not usually bow correctly, as Snape simply jerked his head, while Harry, Draco Malfoy, and Voldemort barely bent their heads at all.


"Well, a second's there to take over if you die..."
Ron Weasley[src]
Duellists will often have a "second" in a formal duel — a person, usually a trusted ally, who will act as a replacement for one duellist if necessary. Ron Weasley volunteered to be Harry's second in the aforementioned planned duel with Draco, who chose Vincent Crabbe.


Duel graveyard

Priori Incantatem initiated during the duel between Harry Potter and Voldemort in 1995

There is a standard rule in duels that only magical means may be used to fight an opponent, and that there is to be no physical contact (which wizardkind refers to as Muggle duelling) between the duellists. Millicent Bulstrode broke this rule when she duelled Hermione Granger in 1992 in the Duelling Club; the much larger girl ended up wrestling Hermione to the ground and holding her in a headlock.

The parties of a duel might also agree to other limits, unless planning to duel to the death, which is only common practise in a war. For example, Minerva McGonagall informed fellow professor Horace Slughorn just before the Battle of Hogwarts that if any Slytherin attempted to sabotage their defence efforts or to fight them, they would "duel to kill", which alarmed him. This may indicate that duellists generally agree not to use particularly dangerous and/or illegal spells, such as the Unforgivable Curses.

Practise duels

Duels can also be used for training purposes, as was the case at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which had a club that students could join to hone their skill at magical self-defence lead by Professor Filius Flitwick, which occupied a room where in the Dungeons of the castle, where students engaged each other while overseen by a teacher. Any damage done to it were left unattended to so the students there could see them and remember the implications behind the act of duelling.[17]

Notable duels


Duellists Circumstances Outcome
Alberta Toothill vs. Samson Wiblin All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition in 1430 Alberta Toothill won the competition using a Blasting Curse.
Emeric the Evil vs. Egbert the Egregious (Duel between Emeric the Evil and Egbert the Egregious) Battle for the Elder Wand. Egbert defeats Emeric and becomes the master of the Elder Wand. It should be noted that he was the only known wizard, apart from Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter, to defeat the posessor of the Elder Wand in a duel.
Chadwick BootWebster BootIsolt Sayre & William vs. Gormlaith Gaunt (Duel at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) At Ilvermorny cottage in Mount GreylockMassachusetts in 1634 after Isolt's wicked aunt Gormlaith Gaunt made her way to North America to enact revenge upon her niece. When Gormlaith cast a curse on James and Isolt which put them in a deep sleep before speaking Parseltongue to disable Isolt's wand, the wands of Chadwick and Webster Boot alerted them to the danger.

Chadwick went to hold off the Dark witch, while Webster tried to wake their parents. Webster joined the duel and the couple were awakened by the cry of their infant daughters. While James went to protect the babies, Isolt tried to join the fight, but her wand was useless, being disabled earlier. In the duel, the whole family was driven to the bedroom, and Isolt called out to her late father William for help and was answered by her old friend William, a Pukwudgie, who killed Gormlaith with a poisoned arrow to the heart.

Albus vs Aberforth Dumbledore vs. Gellert Grindelwald (Duel at Godric's Hollow) Albus and Grindelwald were going to expose the wizarding world and enslave muggles. Aberforth tried to stop them but Gellert was furious with him and tortured Aberforth. Albus protected his brother and a three-way Duel broke out. By the end of the duel Ariana Dumbledore stepped in and was killed by a rogue spell. Gellert fled and the two brothers were left in ruins.
Albus Dumbledore vs. Gellert Grindelwald (Duel between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald) Arguably the greatest duel in history. Dumbledore confronted Grindelwald, a powerful Dark Wizard who possessed the Elder Wand and who was gaining power in the wizarding world, in 1945. Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald, who was subsequently imprisoned in Nurmengard, in what witnesses described as the greatest duel ever fought.[18]
Girl who played Amata vs. Girl who played Asha Before a production of The Fountain of Fair Fortune the Boy who played Sir Luckless broke up with "Amata" and fell for "Asha" As the Ashwinder that portrayed the worm exploding in a spray of hot ash, "Amata" and "Asha" turned on each other and began duelling. Who won is unknown, as the hall was vacated.[19]
James Potter & Sirius Black vs. Severus Snape

James tormenting Severus flashback

When Sirius Black was bored after an exam, James Potter then noticed Severus Snape outside and decided to bully Snape to lighten Sirius's mood, prompting Snape to get his wand out upon seeing them. Snape was disarmed by James and hit with a Scouring Charm when Lily Evans  came to his defence. However, Snape regained his wand and shot a misaimed Sectumsempra spell at James, resulting in James and Sirius together suspending Snape in mid-air and humiliating him further after he called Lily a mudblood in his frustration.
Jacob's sibling, Ben Copper, and Merula Snyde vs. Patricia Rakepick (Duel in the Forest Grove)

Duel in the Forest Grove

After Jacob's sibling intercepted a possible meeting between his brother Jacob and "R", he, along with Ben Copper and Merula Snyde went into the forest grove, where they ran into the dark witch Patricia Rakepick, who started duelling with the three, eventually leaving only Ben Copper standing, who only successfully attacked Rakepick once. After Ben successfully threw Rakepick backwards, this prompted Rakepick to cast the killing curse at Ben to kill him, however Rowan Khanna, a friend of Ben's, who had been watching the entire duel from a close distance, jumped in front of Ben to protect him, ending his life and saving that of his friends.
Gilderoy Lockhart vs. Severus Snape

Tumblr n4afunNcf51qg4gkko2 250

A demonstration for the Duelling Club in 1992. There was also small duels between Harry and Draco, Seamus Finnigan and Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Hermione Granger with Millicent Bulstrode. The outcomes of these duels were Harry getting knocked down but placing a Tickling Charm on Draco, Ron's broken wand had knocked Seamus over, Neville and Justin were lying on the ground beaten and Millicent had Hermione in a head lock and both their wands on the floor. Snape easily defeated Lockhart, who was made to look even clumsier than usual.[20]
Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy

Tumblr lvhoo3Ag1Z1qgt0vro2 250

Harry communicated with the snake conjured by Draco, therefore learning (along with the rest of the school) that he could speak Parseltongue.[18]
Ministry of Magic Workers vs. Death Eaters Riot at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup Death Eaters were rioting at the World Cup, hanging Muggles upside down in the air and blasting tents away. Ministry of Magic workers fight the Death Eaters, until Barty Crouch Jr fires the Dark Mark in the sky and the Death Eaters flee.
Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy

B4C18M1 Densaugeo and Furnunculus

Outside of Potions Class Harry fires a Furnunculus Curse at Malfoy. At the same time, Malfoy fires a Densaugeo Hex. The spells hit each other and ricochet everywhere, Harry's hitting Goyle and Malfoy's hitting Hermione.
Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort

Duel little hangleton

In the graveyard of Little Hangleton in June 1995 after Voldemort's return (Duel in Little Hangleton). Voldemort used Avada Kedavra and Harry used Expelliarmus. Due to the twin cores of the wands, the wand streams locked, and through Harry's willpower, Priori Incantatem was triggered from Voldemort's wand and Harry managed to escape.[21]
Albus Dumbledore vs. Cornelius Fudge, Dolores Umbridge, John Dawlish & Kingsley Shacklebolt

Dumbledore escape

In 1996 after Dumbledores Army got exposed to Umbridge, Dumbledore blamed himself for the organisation to protect Harry and Fudge ordered Dawlish and Kingsley to arrest Dumbledore. Dumbledore incapacitated Fudge, Umbridge, Dawlish and Kingsley despite the fact that Kingsley (Who was the only notably powerful one out of them) was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, as it would raise suspicion by Fudge. This allowed Dumbledore to escape from Hogwarts with Fawkes before they could recover.
Rubeus Hagrid, Fang & Minerva McGonagall vs. Dolores Umbridge, John Dawlish & five other Aurors Umbridge attempted to sack and arrest Hagrid during the night with some Aurors but McGonagall intervened. Hagrid was resistant to stunning spells because he was half-giant as they bounced off him while McGonagall was badly injured by four stunning spells. Fang was also stunned by one of the Aurors. Hagrid then defeated all the Aurors with his great strength and escaped from Hogwarts with Fang before Umbridge could stop him.

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Duellists Outcome
Harry Potter & Hermione Granger vs. two Death Eaters Harry stunned one Death Eater; Hermione stunned the other.
Harry Potter, Hermione Granger & Neville Longbottom vs. Antonin Dolohov & Jugson. Harry put Jugson in a Full Body-Bind Curse and Hermione silenced Dolohov. Dolohov hit Hermione with an unknown curse then broke Neville's wand and nose. Harry then struck Dolohov with a Full Body-Bind Curse while he was distracted.
Nymphadora Tonks vs. Lucius Malfoy Tonks attempted to stun Lucius, allowing Harry to get away. It is unknown if this spell made contact but since Lucius wasn't seen dueling for a bit, it possibly hit him.
Kingsley Shacklebolt vs. two Death Eaters Kingsley defeats the Death Eaters.

Sirius Black vs. Death Eater

They duelled so fiercely their wands were blurs. Sirius defeats this Death Eater, as he is unhurt and able to fight Antonin Dolohov later on in the battle.
Nymphadora Tonks vs. Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix defeats Tonks and curses her badly enough that she had to spend some time at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries after the battle.
Antonin Dolohov vs. Alastor Moody Dolohov defeated and injured Moody.
Remus Lupin vs. Lucius Malfoy

Tumblr mrdww6TW8y1qag66no4 250

Remus likely defeated Malfoy as he was uninjured and subsequently able to prevent Harry from running into the Veil of Death.[22]
Sirius Black & Harry Potter vs. Antonin Dolohov

OOTP Death Chamber Sirius Harry Antonin Lucius

Sirius rams Dolohov with his shoulder, and they start to duel. Dolohov attempts to use his curse on Sirius but Harry hits him with a Full Body-Bind Curse.
Kingsley Shacklebolt vs. Augustus Rookwood Kingsley presumably defeats Rookwood because he is able to fight Bellatrix Lestrange later on in the battle.
Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Kingsley Shacklebolt Bellatrix defeated Kingsley who fell with a yell.
Harry Potter vs. Bellatrix Lestrange


Harry, filled with rage over his godfather's death chases Bellatrix into the Ministry Atrium. Harry hits Bellatrix with the Cruciatus Curse but doesn't cast it properly.
Albus Dumbledore & Fawkes vs. Voldemort

Tumblr lxxm4exxI91qeb3sro8 250

In the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic at the end of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, between the two most powerful wizards alive (Duel in the Ministry Atrium). Dumbledore managed to protect Harry Potter from Voldemort, who was forced to flee when Ministry officials arrived and saw him.[22] Fawkes swallows a Killing Curse sent at Dumbledore.


Duellists Circumstances Outcome
Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy

Sectumempra Curse

Harry followed Malfoy into a bathroom in an attempt to find out what he was planning. When Malfoy discovered that Harry was there, they began to duel. Malfoy attempted to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry, but Harry countered with the spell Sectumsempra, severely injuring Malfoy. Severus Snape entered the room and healed Malfoy, then sent him to the Hospital Wing.
Harry Potter vs. Severus Snape


After Snape killed Albus Dumbledore in 1997, Harry pursued and tried to curse him several times. Snape easily defeated Harry and Disapparated.

Battle of the Astronomy Tower

Duellists Outcome
Bill Weasley vs. Fenrir Greyback Greyback brutalised Bill, who survived, but retained scars and mild lycanthropic symptoms.
Ginny Weasley & Harry Potter vs. Amycus Carrow Amycus was firing Cruciatus Curses at Ginny while she dodged them. Later on in the duel Harry hit Amycus with an Impediment Jinx.
Minerva McGonagall vs. Alecto Carrow Harry Potter saw McGonagall, Ron, Lupin, and Tonks each battling a separate Death Eater. Harry glimpsed Alecto running away while McGonagall screams "Take that!".
Ronald Weasley vs. Death Eater Harry glimpsed Ron battling a Death Eater. Ron defeated the Death Eater, as he was unhurt after the battle.
Remus Lupin vs. Death Eater Remus defeated the Death Eater, as he was unhurt after the battle.
Nymphadora Tonks & Harry Potter vs. Thorfinn Rowle Rowle was firing curses in all directions, making them ricochet at all angles. Harry Potter hit Rowle with a hex and Rowle ran away.
Rubeus Hagrid vs. Thorfinn Rowle Rowle hit Hagrid with curses but, since Hagrid is half-giant, they don't affect him. Rowle lit Hagrid's hut on fire.

Battle of the Seven Potters

Duellists Outcome
Kingsley Shacklebolt & Hermione Granger vs. five Death Eaters Kingsley and Hermione injured two Death Eaters, including Travers, and may have killed one, and escaped.
Nymphadora Tonks & Ron Weasley vs. several Death Eaters (including Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange) Ron stunned one Death Eater; Tonks injured Rodolphus; they both evaded capture and injury.
Alastor Moody & Mundungus Fletcher vs. Lord Voldemort Mundungus immediately Disapparated in terror and Moody was killed by Voldemort's Killing Curse.
Remus Lupin, George Weasley & Severus Snape (secretly) vs. several Death Eaters Snape's Sectumsempra, intended for a Death Eater who was trying to kill Remus, permanently cut off George's ear, but he and Remus escaped.
Harry Potter & Rubeus Hagrid vs. three Death Eaters & Stanley Shunpike Harry and Hagrid held off their attackers until they got to the safehouse.
Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort

Tumblr lug4mz1evZ1qgt0vro6 250

Harry's wand recognised Voldemort as an enemy and fired golden fire at him, allowing Harry and Rubeus Hagrid to escape. Hedwig was killed by a stray Killing Curse.[23]
Duellists Circumstances Outcome
Wedding Guests vs. Death Eaters

Tumblr n1ctu4CbKZ1sg49umo7 250

Attack at the Burrow After the Fall of the Ministry of Magic, Death Eaters managed to penetrate the enchantments around The Burrow and interrogated the guests for information about Harry Potter.
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger vs. Antonin Dolohov & Thorfinn Rowle

Tumblr luz52t5ZqP1qgt0vro3 250

The two Death Eaters attacked the trio on Tottenham Court Road in August 1997. Harry stunned Rowle, Dolohov bound Ron with conjured ropes, stunned Harry and Hermione then placed him in a Full Body-Bind Curse. Hermione then performed a Memory Charm on both Death Eaters.[23]
Augusta Longbottom vs. John Dawlish Dawlish attempted to capture Augusta in order to force her grandson Neville to follow the new agenda at Hogwarts. Augusta hospitalised Dawlish, who had to have a prolonged stay at St Mungo's, and went on the run.


Duellists Circumstances Outcome
Harry Potter, Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley vs. Xenophilius Lovegood In early 1998, the trio visited the Lovegood House, where Xenophilius attempted to ambush them to try to save his daughter. An Erumpent horn in the living room exploded, and the trio hid as Death Eaters Selwyn and Travers arrived, and then escaped.
Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Four Snatchers

Tumblr msmbxcyevh1qgwmapo2 250

In Malfoy Manor in Easter of 1998 when they defied her. Bellatrix swiftly incapacitated the four Snatchers.[23]
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Dobby vs. Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback & Lucius, Narcissa & Draco Malfoy

Tumblr mav84nPoeR1qamvyco9 250

Harry and Ron were freed from the dungeons by Dobby and raced to rescue Hermione Granger, who had been tortured into unconsciousness with the Cruciatus Curse. Ron disarmed Bellatrix. Harry Stunned Lucius Malfoy. Bellatrix threatened to kill Hermione with her knife and stole Harry and Ron's wand from them but Dobby dropped the chandelier on Bellatrix and Hermione and it narrowly missed. Harry stole back his and Ron's wands and he took Draco's too. Harry stunned Greyback with the 3 wands and the spell was so powerful it lifted Greyback off his feet and he flew to the roof and back down again. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dobby escaped with the wands of Bellatrix and Draco, but Bellatrix threw her knife and killed Dobby as he Disapparated.
Minerva McGonagall & Filius Flitwick vs. Severus Snape

Tumblr m6w94mksyO1qepf8yo6 250

Shortly prior to the Battle of Hogwarts McGonagall was duelling Snape alone until Flitwick enchanted the suit of armour that Snape was hiding behind. Pomona Sprout and Horace Slughorn were behind Flitwick but didn't cast any spells. Snape ran away when Flitwick came.

Battle of Hogwarts

Main article: Battle of Hogwarts
First part
Duellists Outcome
Nymphadora Tonks vs. Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix murdered Tonks.
Remus Lupin vs. Antonin Dolohov Dolohov murdered Remus.
Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley & Hermione Granger vs. Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle & Vincent Crabbe Harry, Ron, and Hermione travelled to the Room of Requirement to get Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem; Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle followed them and they engaged in a duel. Harry, Ron, and Hermione defeated Draco, Crabbe and Goyle, resulting in Crabbe's death by his own Fiendfyre, which he had conjured in an attempt to kill the trio.
Percy Weasley vs. Pius Thicknesse Percy defeated Thicknesse, hitting him with a jinx that seemed to turn him into a kind of sea urchin.
Fred Weasley vs. Death Eater The Death Eater fell under three spells cast by Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, who arrived to help. Fred was killed by an explosion almost immediately afterwards.
Dean Thomas & Parvati Patil vs. Antonin Dolohov, Travers & another Death Eater Dean and Parvati were duelling individually (Dean with Dolohov and Parvati with Travers) until a masked Death Eater was distracted by Ron Weasley and Dean stunned him. Dolohov tried to curse him until Parvati cast Petrificus Totalus on him. It is unknown what happened to Travers, but since he was outnumbered Dean and Parvati probably won.
Percy Weasley & two wizards vs. Augustus Rookwood Rookwood was pursuing the two wizards until Percy came and attacked Rookwood. It is unknown who won this duel because both wizards had another duel against another wizard.
Filius Flitwick vs. Corban Yaxley It is unknown who won this duel, but it is most likely that Yaxley retreated after Voldemort called a one hour ceasefire to the battle.
Kingsley Shacklebolt vs. Death Eater It is unknown who won this duel, but it is most likely the Death Eater retreated after Voldemort called a one-hour ceasefire to the battle.
Second part
Duellists Outcome
George Weasley & Lee Jordan vs. Corban Yaxley George and Lee defeated Yaxley.
Aberforth Dumbledore vs. Augustus Rookwood Aberforth defeated Rookwood.
Rubeus Hagrid vs. Walden Macnair Hagrid defeated Macnair, hurling him across the Great Hall.[23]
Ronald Weasley & Neville Longbottom vs. Fenrir Greyback Ron and Neville defeated Greyback.
Filius Flitwick vs. Antonin Dolohov Flitwick defeated Dolohov, who fell with a scream; it is unknown and unlikely if he survived, as he fell from a likely lethal hight.
Arthur Weasley & Percy Weasley vs. Pius Thicknesse Arthur and Percy defeated Thicknesse (see above).
Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood vs. Bellatrix Lestrange

DH2 Ginny blocking Bellatrix

After Bellatrix's Killing Curse nearly struck Ginny, Molly Weasley took over the fight. Molly refused to let any students help her as they duelled.
Molly Weasley vs. Bellatrix Lestrange

Tumblr n4ypju96VI1qk63b8o10 250

Molly struck Bellatrix in the chest with a curse while Bellatrix was laughing, killing her.[23]
Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minerva McGonagall & Horace Slughorn vs. Lord Voldemort Voldemort knocked the three backwards when he saw that Bellatrix Lestrange had been killed; the three of them survived.
Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort

Tumblr m712xmtwUA1qgt0vro8 r2 250

Voldemort used Avada Kedavra and Harry used Expelliarmus. Because Voldemort was using the Elder Wand, which owed its allegiance to Harry, not only was Voldemort disarmed, but his own curse rebounded, killing him (Duel in the Great Hall).

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