"Welcome to the Hogwarts Duelling Club! This room was built years ago as a safe and supervised environment for students to practise duelling. We leave the destruction as a reminder that casting a spell against friend or foe can have lasting implications."
— Professor Dumbledore describes the purpose of the room[src]

The Duelling Room was in the dungeons at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was used by the Hogwarts Duelling Club.[1]


Years prior to 1984, the Duelling Room was built in the dungeons so students of Hogwarts could practise safe and supervised duelling in a Hogwarts Duelling Club. Any destruction caused by these duels was left there so other students who wanted to duel could see how dangerous duelling can be, and consider the implications of unfriendly spells.[1]

During their first-year, Jacob's sibling was confronted by Merula Snyde and struck by a Knockback Jinx.[2] Duelling was forbidden on school grounds, but they persuaded Professor Flitwick to teach them a defensive spell.[3] Merula started a duel in a school courtyard, and their arguing was heard by Flitwick and Professor Snape.[4] Professor Dumbledore found out, and decided to take Jacob's sibling and their friends to the Duelling Room and encouraged them to duel in the Hogwarts Duelling Club instead.[1]


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