Dufftown is a burgh in Banffshire, Scotland, that, according to Hermione Granger, is "not very far" from Hogwarts Castle. This burgh became notable for being one of the only places Sirius Black was ever sighted after his break-out from Azkaban.[1]


Sirius Black's sighting

"Sirius Black, the most infamous prisoner – from Azkaban, – has been sighted in Dufftown by an astute Muggle."
E. Limus, Sirius Black Sighted, 9 September, 1993 issue of the Daily Prophet.[src]

Sirius Black was sighted in this burgh on 9 September of 1993, by a Muggle woman. She called the Crime Watchers Hotline, a special hotline to report sightings of Black. The Ministry of Magic was automatically alerted and Cornelius Fudge (then-Minister for Magic) dispatched hundreds of Witch Watcher Special Forces to the village, as well as hundreds of Dementors. This proved unsuccessful, as Black had already left when they got there.[2] Furthermore, the population of Dufftown panicked when the Dementors arrived, so the Special Forces took more than four hours to calm everyone down.[1]


Behind the scenes

  • Dufftown was not mentioned in the book that just says Black was spotted "not far from here", but in the film, Hermione says it was Dufftown.

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