This female Durmstrang student a witch who attended the Durmstrang Institute in the 1990s.


On 31 October, 1994, she was seen standing next to Poliakoff when he first saw Harry Potter in the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, during the selection of the candidates for Triwizard Tournament. Surprised to see him, Poliakoff pointed at Harry and told her that he was the famous Harry Potter.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • She is the only female student mentioned in the book series to study at the Durmstrang Institute.
  • She does not appear in the film because Durmstrang was portrayed as an all-boys school, the counterpart to the all-girls Beauxbatons.
  • During Barty Crouch's madness, he claimed that Igor Karkaroff was bringing twelve students to the Triwizard Tournament.[3] This might or might not have been true, considering Crouch's mental state at the time, but if it is true, then this girl was probably one of the top twelve students at Durmstrang.


Notes and references

  1. Assumed based on the fact that Durmstrang does not permit Muggle-borns to attend.
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