"Bill had a pen-friend at a school in Brazil once. He wanted Bill to go on a student exchange trip, but Mum and Dad couldn't afford it. So the pen-friend got all offended and sent him a cursed hat, it made his ears shrivel up."
Ron Weasley[src]

The Ear-Shrivelling Curse[1] (incantation unknown) caused the target's ears to shrivel up.


Prior to 1989, Bill Weasley's pen-friend from Brazil sent him a hat with this curse on it, because he was upset that Bill couldn't come to his country on an exchange trip since the Weasley family couldn't afford it.[2] Bill's brother Charlie was present when Bill was cursed, and thought it was funny.[1]

Bill later taught this spell to a group of sixth year students.[1]

Known practitioners


Notes and references

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