"Ectoplasm is an unpleasant greenish substance left behind by certain ghostly beings. In some places, it will block doorways and openings. You can cast Skurge to get rid of it."
Filius Flitwick[src]
Ectoplasm is a sticky, viscous green substance left behind by ghosts and other spirits[1] that accumulates over time.[2]

Ectoplasm blocking a door


Ectoplasm is strong enough to act as a powerful adhesive (making a loud churning sound when doing so),[3][1] but it also harms humans should they come into contact with it, making it a hazard to them. This can prove to be a great annoyance, as it is typically found blocking doorways. Wizards subsequently generally treat ectoplasm as unwanted filth.


"In my day we had to take shovels to this stuff, you know."
Nearly Headless Nick on cleaning ectoplasm[4]
In the Middle Ages, ectoplasm was typically removed by shovelling it elsewhere.[2] Fortunately, some time after 1492, ectoplasm could be cleaned using more convenient methods, such as Mrs Skower's All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover, or for the more magically inclined, the Skurge Charm.[3]

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