Edinburgh is the capital and second most populous city of Scotland.[1] The office of Sir Tomkins & Co., a wizarding company that produced Pure Malt Whisky, was located at 59A Tollington Way in this city.[2]


After being disowned by his father, Angus Buchanan walked from his former home in the Scottish Borders to Edinburgh, occasionally hitching rides on passing carts. Once in the capital, Angus lied about his age and found work as a labourer. He was taken in by a kindly foreman and his wife who had no children of their own. Eventually, Angus would become interested in the new sport of Rugby Union and join the Scottish rugby team, taking part in the first international rubgy match in Edinburgh.[3]

According to Jacob's sibling, Professor Silvanus Kettleburn smelled like the streets of Edinburgh after a storm.[4]

Behind the scenes

  • Though born and raised in England, J. K. Rowling is a long-time resident of Edinburgh.[5]
  • Many of Edinburgh's landmarks may have been the inspiration for Harry Potter locations such as Victoria Street (Diagon Alley) and George Heriot's school (Hogwarts).
  • In Edinburgh's Greyfriar's Kirkyard you can find the graves of Tom Riddell, William mcGonagall and several moodies. Another headstone features a snake encircling an urn with the message: "Not all of me will die" which fans have likened to Nagini And the horcruxes.
  • The Elephant House cafe has become a popular tourist destination as it was one of the Cafes J.K.Rowling wrote the books.
  • The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh was where Rowling wrote the last chapter of the last book. In honour of this, the hotel renamed the suite as the J.K.Rowling Suite.
  • J.K.Rowling's handprints can be found at the City Chambers on the Royal Mile.


Notes and references

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