Eduardus Limette Black[1] (1820s1899) was an early member of the House of Black, being older than Cygnus Black I and Arcturus Black I, but it is unknown precisely how he was related to other known members of the Black family. He was disowned and burnt off the Black family tapestry for an unknown reason. It is unknown whether he was married.[2]


Eduardus is most likely a form of the name Edward, meaning "prosperous, blessed guard". As -ette is a French diminutive, the name Limette may indicate the Black family has roots in France, like their relatives, the Lestranges and the Rosiers, which would explain why their motto is in French, not the usual Latin. Limette also means "small lime" in German.

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. On the Black family tapestry in the Order of the Phoenix film, only Blacks by birth have portraits, and only their given names are listed on the scrolls beneath these portraits. This indicates that this character was a Black and that Eduardus Limette was his given name.
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