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Egbert the Egregious was a wizard who lived in the Middle Ages.[1]


He was once the Master of the Elder Wand after killing Emeric the Evil in a ferocious duel (Emeric was "slaughtered"). What became of Egbert after mastering the Elder Wand is unknown, but Dumbledore suggests Egbert did not last long. Therefore, it is possible that another wizard killed him in order to gain ownership of the legendary wand. A century later, Godelot is recorded to have obtained mastery of the wand.[1]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Martial magic: Egbert was notable for being the only known wizard, apart from Albus Dumbledore, to defeat the master of the Elder Wand in a duel, managing to slaughter Emeric the Evil in a battle for the wand, showing his exceptional proficiency and power as a duellist. Despite this, Dumbledore suspected that he may have lost the Elder Wand in a duel himself.[1]


The name "Egbert" means "bright edge" from the Old English elements ecg "edge of a sword" and beorht "bright". This was the name of kings of Kent and Wessex as well as two English saints. The name was rarely used after the Norman conquest but was revived in the 19th century.

Behind the scenes

  • Judging by his title egregious which is defined as outstandingly bad, Egbert was presumably a notorious dark wizard himself. His activities are unknown, other than his battle for possession of the Elder Wand.


Notes and references

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