"We tried to shut Percy in a pyramid. But Mum spotted us."
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Egypt is a country in north-east Africa. The capital of Egypt is Cairo and the Nile River runs through the country. The main language is Arabic.

Ancient Egyptian wizards had a tendency to place curses on tombs, which Gringotts Curse Breakers try to break.


Egypt is the earliest place where Magic had been recorded. During the times of ancient Egyptian society, wizards and witches were held in high esteem.

In the year following the summer of 1899, during his tour of the world, Elphias Doge wrote to Albus Dumbledore of the experiments of the Egyptian alchemists , which Albus was unable to attend due to the death of his mother.[1]

Bill Weasley worked in Egypt for several years as a Curse Breaker.[2] Molly and Arthur Weasley visited him there during the Christmas holidays in 1992.[3] The entire Weasley family visited him there for a month in the summer of 1993 and also toured some of the Egyptian tombs after winning the Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw. One of the pyramids that the family toured was full of skeletons of Muggles who had broken in and had "grown extra heads and stuff."[4]

Quidditch referee for the 1994 Quidditch World Cup Hassan Mostafa was from Egypt.[5]

In 2002, Egypt defeated Bulgaria 450 to 300 at the 2002 Quidditch World Cup.[6]

Magical education

Egyptian witches and wizards have the option to attend Uagadou School of Magic as it accepts students from all over Africa.[7]

Magical creatures

Native to Egypt


The following creatures are all found worldwide:

Magical games and sports

Egypt has its own national Quidditch team.

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