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Elf-made wine was wine that was presumably brewed by house-elves. The colour of the wine itself was blood-red,[1] and was known to be sold as a bottled good.[2]


Severus Snape was known to have owned a bottle (or more) of Elf-made wine in the summer of 1996, as he ordered his "assistant" Peter Pettigrew to bring some for his visitors: Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy when they visited his home in Spinner's End. The bottle seemed rather dusty, as Snape had left them there for long period of time unattended.[1]

Pettigrew dropped them onto the rickety table rather in a dissatisfied manner due to the lack of respect he received before leaving. They drank the first cups, toasting to the Dark Lord, and Snape had to force some more on Narcissa to calm her anxiety.[1]

Later that year, Rubeus Hagrid and Horace Slughorn drank some wine as a way of respecting Aragog's death, with the latter having house-elves test his drink having seen Ronald Weasley drink mead tainted with poison earlier that day. Harry Potter refilled the bottles of wine with the Refilling Charm in order to get Horace drunk, making it easier to get a memory out of him.[2]


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