Ella Black (née Max) was a pure-blood witch who married a pure-blood wizard Cygnus Black I. They possibly had four children; Sirius, Phineas Nigellus, Iola and Elladora.


  • Ella means "all" and is short form of a name Alia.
  • Max is a short form of a name Maximilian. The name means "greatest".
  • Therefore Ella Max can be translated as "the greatest of all".
  • Ella's daughter Elladora was named after her, and her name etymology is symbolic: Elladora was Ella's gift, "Dora".

Behind the scenes

  • This character's name appears only on the version of the Black family tapestry shown in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She was not included on the version of the tree which J. K. Rowling gave to a charity auction in 2006.[3] However, according to director David Yates, Rowling provided the filmmakers with a copy of the Black family tree going back eight generations.[4] The filmmakers presumably received a more complete version of the tree than the one auctioned off, which only goes back six generations.
  • Given her placement on the tree in the film, it is possible that this character was the mother of Sirius, Phineas Nigellus, Elladora, and Iola (the third of whom may have been named in her honour). Cygnus would be their father, and Arcturus an uncle.
  • The names Ella, Ella-, -ella and -ella- appears many times in the Black family
  1. Ella Black née Max
  2. Elladora Black
  3. Cedrella Weasley née Black
  4. Druella Black née Rosier
  5. Bellatrix Lestrange née Black


Notes and references

  1. Iola Black, who was probably Ella's youngest daughter, was born after Elladora (born in 1850); Cygnus, Ella's husband and so probably Iola's father, died in 1851, indicating that Iola was probably born little before his death, in 1851, or after his death, not after 1852. Ella couldn't have died before.
  2. It is a safe assumption that Ella was pure-blood given that Cygnus I was not blasted off the tree.
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