Ellen Cracknell was the Muggle mother of Dolores Umbridge.[1]


Ellen Cracknell married wizard Orford Umbridge and together they had two children, a daughter Dolores and a son who was born a Squib. The marriage was not a happy one and both Orford and Dolores would blame Ellen as the cause of Dolores's Squib brother. Dolores would eventually come to loathe her mother not only for her Muggle heritage but also her flightiness and untidiness.[1]

When Dolores was fifteen, the tensions between Ellen and Orford came to a head and the pair separated. Ellen took charge of their son while Orford took their daughter. While her ex-husband and daughter continued to live in the wizarding world, Ellen took their son and returned to the Muggle world. Ellen would never see her daughter again.[1]


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