"Hermione Granger, one of our more exceptional students, has cast a flying charm on the benches which gives them the power of flight. However, the enchanted bench has a mind of its own, and can fly an infinite and unpredictable number of angles. Therefore, it’s not recommended for those with neck or back problems, persons subject to motion sickness, or anyone who is pregnant."
—A portrait of a Professor on enchanted benches[src]

Enchanted benches are benches that have been enchanted with a flying charm. Enchanted benches are, when used properly, safe, though improper use of them such as reckless racing can cause them to catch fire. Though they are safe to fly, the experience can be disconcerting, as enchanted benches have a mind of their own, capable of flying at unpredictable angles, sharply ascending with little warning, and suddenly stopping. Therefore, they are not recommended to be flown by those with back or neck problems, those susceptible to motion sickness, or pregnant women.

For added safety, enchanted benches are built with a back pouch meant to store small objects which may fall during the ride or injure others, such as glasses and wands. Smart Lockers are supplied for riders with possessions larger than what fit inside these pouches, so that they may store their possessions beforehand.

In his lifetime, the subject depicted in a certain portrait of a Quidditch player hanging in Hogwarts Castle test-flew enchanted benches. He apparently flew them frequently, taking them on such journeys as a trip from the South Pole to the North Pole and a flight over the Himalayas. The latter trip was also taken by a party of young ladies, who fell out during the course of the ride and thus prevented the Quidditch player from returning them.

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