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The Main Entrance Gates to Hogwarts were located a short distance from Hogsmeade Station. The gates would be opened on the first day of term and carriages pulled by Thestrals would take students up to the castle.


The Entrance Gates were made of magnificent wrought iron and were flanked by two columns topped with statues of winged boars. Just a few yards from the gates was a small guardhouse with a tall chimney.[1]


During the 1993-1994 school year, the gates were guarded by Dementors attempting to apprehend Sirius Black.[2]

In 1996, before the students travelled past the gates, Professor Flitwick and Argus Filch stood guard checking off the names of students and searching them before allowing them to continue up to Hogwarts. The walls surrounding the perimeter were protected by anti-intruder jinxes, and the gates was sealed with a padlock that had been subjected to an Anti-Alohomora Charm that were cast by Albus Dumbledore over the summer of 1996.[3]

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Winged Boar Statue as seen in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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