"Professor Flitwick knows more about Entrancing Enchantments than any wizard I've met, the sly old dog!"
Gilderoy Lockhart[src]

Entrancing Enchantments (incantation unknown) were charms used to entrance people; they were purple in colour.[1]


In 1927, Queenie Goldstein placed one these enchantments on her romantic interest Jacob Kowalski, in order to convince him to marry her. However, Newton Scamander realised that Jacob was bewitched when the couple visited him at his house 9 Sherringford Square, and he undid her spell with the Counter-charm Surgito.[3]

As part of a Valentine's Day lesson in 1989, Filius Flitwick told fifth year students about Entrancing Enchantments, although he did not teach how to cast them.[2]

During Gilderoy Lockhart's Valentine's Day party on 1993, Lockhart suggested students ask Flitwick about Entrancing Enchantments for the festivities, embarrassing the Charms professor.[4]

Known practitioners


Behind the scenes

  • The fact that these are first mentioned on Valentine's Day, combined with the "entrancing" part of the name, implies that the spells have an effect similar to Love Potions. However, one difference is that unlike with Love Potions, the spells cause the target to be unable to remember what happened while they are entranced.
  • As with love potions, true love cannot be manufactured, so this charm most likely creates artificial infatuations.


Notes and references

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