""Episkey," said Tonks. Harry's nose felt very hot, then very cold. He raised a hand and felt it gingerly. It seemed to be mended."
—Nymphadora Tonks fixes Harry Potter's broken nose[src]

Episkey[1] was the incantation of a healing charm that healed relatively minor injuries such as broken noses,[1] toes,[3] and split lips.[4] The spell could create sudden temperature changes in the body parts being healed.[1]

It could also be used to relieve pain; as Jacob's sibling was successfully able to remove Tulip Karasu's headache after she hit her head on a branch while sleepwalking into the Forbidden Forest after she was inflicted with a curse from the Forest Vault.[5]

Known uses

"I can fix that, "Episkey"."
—Harry Potter uses this spell to fix Demelza Robins' broken lip[src]
Caster(s) Date Notes
Poppy Pomfrey 1985–1986 school year Madam Pomfrey asked Jacob's sibling to first study the spell, she then proceeded to teach them the spell.[2]
Jacob's sibling 1985–1986 school year Jacob's sibling learned this spell in order to help out Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing.[2]
Nymphadora Tonks 1 September, 1996 Tonks used this spell to fix Harry Potter's broken nose.[1]
Harry Potter November, 1996 Harry used it to fix Demelza Robins' broken lip; he probably had not learned it in class, but assumed that if it could heal broken noses, it could heal split lips.[4]

Known practitioners


The word comes from the Greek "episkevi" ("επισκευή"), which means "repair".

Behind the scenes

Luna casting the spell in the Half-Blood Prince film, instead of Tonks


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