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"I'm so glad you asked! Equinox Enchanted tells the story of a heroic Spring Nymph… who stops the Winter Sprite from bringing about an eternal cold and, in the process… the two fall for one another and express their feelings of true love in a heartfelt scene."
Filius Flitwick's explanation of the play[src]

Equinox Enchanted was a play written by Filius Flitwick.[1]


The play centred around the Spring Nymph, who stopped the Winter Sprite from bringing about an eternal cold and engaged in a climatic duel with him, and eventually, they fell in love with each other.[1]


Lend me your ears, and I shall tell a tale a love so dear.

The Winter Spirite longs for forever frost, a battle the Spring Nymph almost lost.

Upon staring into each other's eyes, the Spirite and Nymph found compromise.

To chaos did the world not fall, for love will always conquers all.

"Adieu!" calls the cold, and this new makes my heart grow bold.

Though winter departs, it's last kiss still stings my heart.

Ah, the last Winter's trace, beckoning Spring's warm embrace.

Spring promises life anew. Look! Yonder flowers grew.


Costume designs for the play

During the 1988–1989 school year, the play was intended to be performed in the Hogwarts Great Hall. During the preparation, the author, Filius Flitwick wanted to add the plot of the characters engaging in a climatic duel before falling in love, which was met by students' approval.[1]

Unfortunately, before the dress rehearsal, due to an accident caused by Knarl, Barnaby Lee's pet knarl, the sets and costumes were destroyed. Jacob's sibling and their friends revised the play down to a smaller scale, and it was later performed in the Three Broomsticks Inn by Jacob's sibling themself.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery time-limited side quest, "An Enchanted Kiss", triggered at Year 5, Chapter 13 or after, revolves around Equinox Enchanted. At the final performance, the audience varies depending on the player's choice and position in the main storyline:
    • Front row, stage right: Murphy McNully, Penny Haywood, and the player's love interest. However, if the player chooses Penny, she would take the place of the love interest on the right while Beatrice Haywood takes the middle seat.
    • Excluding Penny, whoever is chosen by the player will be replaced by an unnamed student in purple in their original seat.
    • Front row, stage left: Rowan Khanna, Alanza Alves, and Badeea Ali. After Year 6, Chapter 18, Rowan is replaced by Marina Sanchez. Prior to Year 6, Chapter 21, Alanza's place is taken by a generic student (Rowan and Alanza do not exist simultaneously in the story).
    • Corey Hayden always appears at the back of the audience, even prior to their introduction in Year 7, Chapter 1.


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