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The Erkstag was a wizarding prison used by the German Ministry of Magic.[1]


Although it had been publicly abandoned, the German Ministry were still secretly holding people at the facility by 1932. It was managed by a warder that confiscated the items of each prisoner upon their arrival.[1]

Newt and Theseus Scamander in the Erkstag

Theseus Scamander was imprisoned here after he stepped outside of his authority as a British Auror by trying to arrest Gellert Grindelwald and his followers during the Candidates' Dinner at the German Ministry of Magic, a place that was outside his jurisdiction.[1] After his arrest, Albus Dumbledore sent a letter to local wizarding authorities to request permission for Theseus' brother, Newt, to visit the facility in order to check his well-being.[2] Teddy and Pickett were both placed imprisoned in the cubbyholes during Newt's visit, but both staged a breakout.[1]


There was an underground tunnel system that allowed access. It was described by Dumbledore as the German Ministry's bed and breakfast.[1] It housed a giant bloodthirsty Manticore which devoured the prisoners whenever their lanterns went out, and regurgitated their bloody remains. The prison spiralled downward, and had a circular shape.[2]


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