Harry: "What are you up to?"
Neville: "Nothing. Want a game of Exploding Snap?"
Harry: "Er — not now — I was going to go to the library and do that vampire essay for Lupin —"
Neville: "I'll come with you! I haven't done it either"
Harry: "Er - hang on - yeah, I forgot, I finished it last night!"
— Harry makes excuses to try to avoid Neville.[src]

This essay regarding the topic of vampires was assigned as homework by Professor Remus Lupin to his third year Defence Against the Dark Arts students in the 1993-1994 school year.[1]


During a chance meeting at the statue in front of the One-Eyed Witch Passage, Neville Longbottom offered Harry Potter a game of Exploding Snap. Harry, who was attempting to sneak into Hogsmeade, stated that he needed to do this essay for Lupin. Neville said that he would come with Harry, as he still needed to do the essay himself. Harry then said he remembered that he finished it the night before, and Neville asked if he could help him, as he didn't understand "that thing about the garlic" at all, wondering if they had to eat it. The conversation was then interrupted by the sudden appearance of Severus Snape. Harry then eventually shook Neville off by giving him the password to Gryffindor Tower (in defiance of a ruling made by Professor McGonagall) and telling him that he had left his essay in the library. Later, after Snape caught Harry with the Marauder's Map, Remus Lupin claimed that the map appeared to be a Zonko product and then led Harry away, stating that he needed a word regarding his vampire essay.[1]


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