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"'Expulso!' bellowed the Death Eater, and the table behind which Harry was standing blew up: the force of the explosion slammed him into the wall and he felt his wand leave his hand as the cloak slipped off him."
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The Expulso Curse[3][5] (Expulso)[1] was a curse[3] used to produce immense explosions, blasting the target apart[1] with a burst of blue light;[4] it had enough force to throw people into walls.[1]


During the 1990–1991 school year, in the Charms Classroom, Professor Filius Flitwick used it in an attempt to destroy a cursed CD case in order to break a laughing curse placed upon it, but it failed due to magical protections on the case.[6]

During the Luchino Caffe duel on 1 August 1997, the Death Eater fired this curse at a table from which Harry Potter was standing behind under his Invisibility Cloak, the force of which slammed Harry against the wall and made his cloak fall off, exposing him.[1]

Harry Potter tried to use this curse to destroy Slytherin's Locket whilst hunting Horcruxes, but was unsuccessful, as the item was a Horcrux and immune to spells.[4]

During the duel between Harry Potter and Delphini in St Jerome's Church, Delphini used this curse to collapse the floor which Harry Potter was standing on, sending it crashing down.[7]

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Latin expulso, meaning "expel".

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