"The Incendio charm has also been utilised for rather more nefarious gain. For example, young wizards and witches have been known to set fire to the trousers of a smaller child to extort sweets or contraband from them. Unless the unfortunate victim knows an extinguishing charm, they may run around for days with the seat of their pants in flames."
—A Hogwarts Library book[src]

The Extinguishing Charm[1] (incantation unknown) is charm that puts out fires, and is type of extinguishing spell.[2]


Charles Weasley told Rubeus Hagrid that he and his fellow dragon keepers were prepared to cast extinguishing spells should something go wrong during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.[2]

When Cho Chang accidentally set Marietta Edgecombe's sleeve on fire by incorrectly pronouncing the incantation of the Disarming Charm, Marietta put the fire out with her wand, presumably using an extinguishing spell.[3]

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