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"Gideon Prewett, it took five Death Eaters to kill him and his brother Fabian, they fought like heroes…"
Alastor Moody regarding the Prewett brothers deaths[src]

Fabian Prewett (d. 1981) was an English pure-blood wizard and the brother of both Gideon and Molly. Fabian was a member of the original Order of the Phoenix. He and his brother fought in the First Wizarding War, both were murdered by five Death Eaters before the war's end.[3]


Fabian was born into the wizarding Prewett family, with two known siblings: Gideon and Molly. During the First Wizarding War, his sister Molly married Arthur Weasley, and the couple eventually had seven children. Fabian also may have had a big nose.[4]

During the First Wizarding War, Fabian and his brother decided to join the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix to fight against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.[3]

Eventually, however, Fabian and Gideon were attacked by five Death Eaters, one of whom was Antonin Dolohov. They were described as having "fought like heroes" by fellow Order member Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, though both were ultimately killed. Following Voldemort's fall from power, Dolohov, and perhaps others involved in the Prewetts' "brutal" murders, were imprisoned in Azkaban for the crime.[3]


It is unknown how Molly responded to her brother's deaths, but she was most likely heartbroken, given how much she loved her family. She often spoke fondly of them to others.

In 1997, Molly gave Fabian's gold watch to Harry Potter on his seventeenth birthday, as it was traditional to give a wizard a watch when he comes of age. Harry treasured and preserved it throughout the Second Wizarding War, keeping it and wearing it well into his thirties. She also stated that Fabian was not "terribly careful" with his possession, as the watch was dented on the back. Unlike normal watches, it had stars as the clock's hands.[5]

Magical abilities and skills


Fabian is the English form of the Latin Fabianus, which was the name given to emancipated slaves in Rome. It is derived from Fabius, the name of a very influential Roman patrician family, whose members included many politicians and soldiers. The most notable of the Fabian family was Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, who was given the epithet Cunctator, "the Delayer", because of the unorthodox strategies he employed in the Second Punic War against Hannibal. He developed the Fabian strategy of warfare.

Behind the scenes

  • While Fabian and Gideon are mentioned as having been members of the Order, their sister Molly was not, most likely because she was raising her children, Fabian's nephews, during the First Wizarding War.
  • It is possible Fabian's sister honoured Fabian and Gideon with the naming of her twin sons. Fred, one of her twins, has the same first initial as Fabian, 'F'. Her other son, George, has the same initial 'G'. Gideon and Fabian may also have been twins themselves, though it has yet to be confirmed or denied. It is widely believed that since twins run in families this increases the odds, however identical twins, such as Fred and George, do not run in families so in reality this gives no extra weight to the theory.


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Notes and references

  1. Gideon appeared in a photograph with Marlene McKinnon that was taken two weeks before Marlene's death in 1981 (possibly October). This indicates Gideon was alive in 1981 and must have been killed sometime between then and Voldemort's fall (31 October, 1981).
  2. Pottermore states that she was "technically Mrs Weasley's great aunt" making the Fabian her great nephew
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