"Then he returned to the Gaunt hovel, performed the complex bit of magic that would implant a false memory in his uncle's mind, laid Morfin's wand beside its unconscious owner, pocketed the ancient ring he wore, and departed."
—Theory that Voldemort used this spell[src]

The false memory charm (incantation unknown), also known as the Memory Modifying Charm is a spell which can be used by a witch or wizard in order to add a memory to their victim's mind without the victim realising it was not originally theirs. It differs from the Memory Charm in that the latter erases memories whilst this one adds them[2].

Known uses

Behind the scenes

  • The actual name and incantation for this charm are unknown.
  • However, it appears to be reversible as Hermione stated that she would find her parents after the war and lift it.
  • Albus Dumbledore could reverse this spell, as he managed to uncover the true memories beneath this one (he admitted that it was rather difficult).
  • In the film, Hermione uses Obliviate instead of this spell.
    • In the film Half-Blood Prince, the effect of Slughorn's memory modification is different, appearing as a muffling of sound, followed by Slughorn ordering Riddle out personally.


Notes and references

  1. "Mnemone Radford 1562 - 1649 Developed Memory Modifying Charms. First Ministry of Magic Obliviator." this potentially means she made this charm, because its plural.
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